Welcome to Skin Care Pharma

Skin Care Pharma is a young company, aiming at providing high-quality dermatological healthcare. To achieve this goal, we cooperate with large, experienced pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. We develop medicines that help to alleviate chronic skin diseases and are available to the patient without additional charges. It is our motivation to provide a variety of high quality alternatives for patients with skin diseases and to permanently improve their lives. We are continually working to offer a wide range of dermatological solutions in the near future. Thanks to state-of-the-art research, we can optimize the drugs and guarantee the highest safety standards.

2016 – Skin Care Pharma was granted approval for its product “Skinatan”, a generic version of Advantan®, from the
German Regulatory Authority BfArM for 4 out of 5 different formulations. Due to minor deviations in the formulations, bio equivalence studies have been required.

2017 – Skin Care Pharma has started the bioequivalence studies of Skinatan®, and thus successfully developed the first generic version of Advantan®.

2018 – Skin Care Pharma has started the marketing authorization application procedure for the first formulations of Skinatan® in 6 EU Countries, its generic version of Advantan®.

2018 – Skin Care Pharma has successfully closed a licensing deal for its product Skinatan® – a generic version of Advantan® – with 2 well-known pharmaceutical companies in 7 EU countries.

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