Structure of our skin

Skin Care Pharma information on the skin
Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. In an average-sized person, it measures approximately 1.7 square meters and weighs approximately 13 kilograms. It is regarded as a mirror of the soul and reflects our well-being. By means of looking at the skin, other people often know what is going on inside of us. We blush, turn pale or we get goose bumps. The appearance of the skin enhances or lowers our attractiveness for ourselves and for other people. That’s why it has such a big influence on our self-esteem and on our psyche. However, the converse conclusion may not be drawn that damaged skin is directly caused by a sick soul. Many skin diseases can be easily treated today.
Starting from the inside, it consists of the subcutaneous tissue (subcutis), the leather skin layer (dermis) and the upper skin (epidermis). The subcutaneous layer with its fatty tissue serves as an damper and temperature insulation, the leather skin layer is an elastic nerve layer and the epidermis works as a water-repellent, resistant external protection with no blood vessels.


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